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Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Nicaragua and Rwanda are very distinct countries, yet they share one striking similarity; their commitment to promoting gender parity. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Gender Gap Index, these countries are at the forefront when it comes to closing the gap between men and women. The index ranks countries based on the degree of female participation in the economy, their health, their educational attainment and their political empowerment.

Alongside Namibia, Rwanda is the only African Country to make the top 10 and has been labelled as the best place to be a woman in the continent.

1994 was an extremely dark year for Rwanda. It experienced one of the most brutal and bloodiest genocides in modern history. In the span of 100 days, close to a million Tutsi’s lost their lives and over 350,000 women were victims of sexual abuse. In July 1994, Paul Kagame’s…

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