States Should Try Harder To Draw Talent


Attracting scientific, engineering, and business talent from across the world has been a key component of the success of the U.S. and other developed nations in the past. Today, high earnings opportunities and a prestigious higher education system makes the U.S. an attractive destination for high skilled immigrants.

Having more talent accelerates economic growth, increases innovation, and helps support an aging population, which means that encouraging high skilled immigration is a good policy for these reasons alone.

But attracting talent is also a peaceful way to handle authoritarian regimes. The U.S. already draws top talent from enemies like China, Russia, and Iran to universities in the U.S. But oftentimes these high skilled immigrants return to their country of origin, not because they prefer to leave the U.S., but because they cannot get a work visa. Doesn’t it seem strange that the U.S. is training talented students and then forcing…

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